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Matt Buck

So Much Will Change

Author mattbuck
Title So Much Will Change
Genre Slashy-romance-thingy-wotsit
Pairing Tom Fletcher & Danny Jones
Rating 15 for language

Disclaimer: I don't know any members of McFly, and I do not know their sexualities. This is fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to events past, present, future or fictional by a different author are purely coincidental.

Author's Note: I wrote this ages ago as the 1st part of a joint fic, but my partner never wrote anything.
Edit: Thanks to tes, who has now placed the burden of writing this fic back on me again, by completing part 2. You rule, babe.

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It was morning, and as usual I was first awake. Well, certainly first awake from this particular bed, but I couldn’t hear the headache-inducing sounds that Dougie liked to call music, nor could I hear the kitchen exploding around Harry, so…

There’s something about mornings I really like, I can’t work out quite what it is. I think it’s some combination of a hot breakfast and a warm body next to me, both of us wrapped snugly under the covers. And that body’s pretty sexy too.

I guess I’ve known I was gay for about… seven years now? Hmm, sounds like a long time. Guess it is really. I just remember at school there was this… well… fat kid called Dave I used to be friends with. Among his bad habits you could list smoking, drinking and pyromania – in short, he was the perfect example of what a thirteen year old shouldn’t be. But somehow, even though he had more spare tyres than a Kwik Fit… there was something about him I found really attractive. I found myself thinking the rather absurd thought “Dave, would you have gay sex with me?” whenever I saw him. I never did pick up the courage to ask him for real, and we lost contact after he quit school after GCSEs, but I kept a soft spot in my heart for him. After all, he was the first guy I ever fancied.

As time went past, I slowly realised I wasn’t at all attracted to girls, by the time I was 16, I’d pretty much worked out I was gay, and was pretty comfortable with myself. I hadn’t really told anyone else – two of my closest friends asked me straight up if I was gay, citing various examples of how I gave myself away. I don’t know how many people suspected but never asked. If people ask I didn’t deny it, but I didn’t go out shouting it to the rooftops.

But… then my life stopped being my own. I auditioned to be in a band I saw advertised in NME, and though I didn’t get in, but I’m really glad that happened.

You see, the producers decided I was good enough to keep around, and in fact to write for that band (who became rather famous). Their main writer, the guy I was writing with… James… he was hot, and I fell asleep several nights thinking of him taking me in his arms, giving me my first taste…

But that was nothing. The producers introduced me to a new guy one day – said they thought we might work well together, something else, something something… I wasn’t listening, I was just fixated on the new guy. Brown hair, freckled, about my height, clutching a guitar… god, he was… I won’t say perfect, but… so hot. I’m surprised I wasn’t drooling. I managed to pull myself back in time to hear the producers say they thought we could do a band or something.

We stayed together in the same hotel room, writing songs, bouncing ideas off one another, me feeling like an excited puppy every time he said he liked something I did. We shared our lives with each other, but I had to lie whenever we ended up talking about girls – they’d told me that it would be best if I pretended to be straight, no matter what. I managed to not jump on him, though I did always feel uncomfortable if either of us was the slightest bit undressed. Thank god we never went swimming together.

That was the way it stayed. We got held auditions for a drummer and a bassist, got pretty much set up. We found a house we could all move into in London, and were going to move in within a week. All that time, I managed to stay professional. Then one day, I walked into the bathroom while he was in the shower. Accidentally, before you get any ideas. I don’t go around spying on my friends naked. I could hear him humming a song we’d been playing today – That Girl. When I’d written it, I’d been thinking about him, mentally crossing out “girl” and replacing it with “boy”. To hear him humming it… drove me over the edge. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d jumped into the shower, the spray instantly soaking me. All he could say was “Tom?” before I cut him off by wrapping my arms around his naked body and covering his lips with mine. There was only a moment’s hesitation before he reciprocated the hug and started properly kissing me. My first kiss. We’ve been together ever since.

And so, two years on, I wake every morning in bed with him. In fact, I don’t think he’s ever woken up before me, but I always like just lying in bed with him, watching him sleep, waiting for him. In those two years, our band – McFly – has become a success – we’ve kinda been elevated to mega-star status it seems. All that time, we’ve kept quiet about our relationship to the fans. We even had a cover story as to why we got a king-size bed delivered – “Danny’s never liked sleeping in a single bed”. But… we figure now… the fans deserve to know. Enough time has passed that hopefully they’ll like us anyway. That and we hate not being allowed to kiss in public. Today… today was the day we’d tell them. But not until His Sexiness wakes up. In the mean time… I’ll enjoy the view.

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