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  • Title: What Matt used to Want
  • Author: safi_belle
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Pairing: Jaybourne…obviously!


Matt had always had a very clear picture in his head of what constituted a his perfect partner. Holly, he figured, was probably as close as he’d ever come. He liked dark hair. He liked long soft hair trailing across his chest and tickling his collar bone. He liked dark eyes as well, he always felt they were mysterious and naughty. Holly, she’d had dark colouring and olive skin. She was womanly and sexy and uninhibited when it came to anything sexual. There was a lot of things Matt liked in his partners and he was picky when it came to it. But Holly she had been hot, she was everything he liked in his women.

It was unexplainable then why when wrapped up with James Bourne just looking at the prostate form of his boyfriend Matt got excited. James was blonde and blue eyed, a combination Matt didn’t even find remotely attractive on anyone except James. He thought blonde was a gross hair colour, it made everyone look like a bimbo, it looked false and it positively turned him off. And blue eyes! He thought that on everyone, except James, they looked evil and calculating and it wasn’t natural to have eyes such a weird colour.

Plus James was little. Matt didn’t like anything little. He liked his girls with round, curvy figures. Soft, warm breasts and stomachs that weren‘t quite flat. He didn’t want to lie in bed with his lover and be attacked by elbows and hip bones. Matt most certainly liked big arses, something to put your hands on and squeeze. But liked his girl small in height, someone he could put his arms around and protect, rest his chin on her head and smell her smooth dark hair.

But here he was in bed with James and James was, by no stretch of anyone’s imagination, curvy or dark haired. James was blonde and blue eyed, he was only a little bit shorter than Matt and he had the figure of a 12 year old boy. But most importantly in the stakes of what made Matt’s attraction to James the most weird was the fact that James was quite evidently…a guy. He didn’t have breasts, or hips or a wide swaying bottom. He didn’t have long dark hair or olive skin. But all the same Matt was desperately in lust and in love with the skinny little blonde in his bed.

Matt gently lifted up the duvet, James was laying on his front, half on and half off Matt’s chest . He lifted the duvet to get a look at James’ bottom. It was very little but very pert and smooth. Hhhmm Matt thought dirtily to himself, it was sexy and enticing. Just like James himself, his arse was innocent looking but so kinky.

“Mattie,” came the whispered sleepy voice.

“Yeah babes,” he replied stroking down James’ bed hair.

“Just seeing if you were awake,” the blonde replied snuggling down again into Matt’s warm, broad chest.

“Yeah I’m awake. Just thinking.” Matt said gentle nuzzling James.

“Thinking bout how sexay I am I hope,” James replied raising his face up to smile and Matt kiss. Matt laughed slightly and nodded gravely.

“Of course you little sex pot,” see he was as far as possible from what Matt wanted but recently so much had changed…and now James was everything Matt would ever need.

; )

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