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Title: Confessional
Author: B
Genre: Slasssssssh
Pairing: JayBourne
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Oh how I wish it were true
A/N: There are definite porn elements here, not especially good porn elements though
Dedications: Lesleh!!! My little hag, you wanted the porn and I wrote it for you - sorry it took so long for me to get round to posting it!!! Lex, Jin & Tracy - some of my favourite ladies :-D

“Bless me father for I have sinned….it has been two weeks since my last confession.” Matt was knelt on the crimson cushion in the confessional. Head bowed, hands clasped, waiting for the priest’s indication before he poured out all his sins. The crucifix around his neck had been bought for him three months ago by James, he’d never once taken it off since and he polished it with his silver cloth every single weekend. He loved the way James’ face lit up when he saw how Matt treasured the chain and for his part, the beads Matt had bought him, only left his neck when he showered. James had pointed out that the paint would wash off and the idea of him having green and brown streaks down his chest wasn’t all that appealing.

“Father…I have…I…had impure thoughts…”
”…about….someone you’re not married to?” The priest prompted.
“Yes,” Matt whispered, it was the same story every two weeks. He came into the confessional and repented for the same sins, he was surprised the priest didn’t say ‘Oh for God’s sake just sod off and stop wasting my time!!’ but Matt was sure priests didn’t say ‘Oh for God’s sake’ or ‘sod off’ or ‘stop wasting my time.’ No, the priest, Father Adam, had always been there for Matt. When he first accepted that he was gay, Father Adam had been there for him, when he first met James and realised he was in love with him, Father Adam had been there for him.
Ok, Matt knew that Father Adam sure as heaven, hell, purgatory that the entire holy trinity didn’t approve of what he got up to with James. But Matt knew that he would be here, same seat, same confessional, same church, same street, same town, same country, same time, every single week and that he would help Matt repent and help him realise that he could have God and still have James. Father Adam never judged him, he just helped him. Then again, Father Adam wasn’t exactly a conventional priest, he was young, he was broad and the first time Matt saw him he was wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. Definitely not the fat, balding, bearded bible basher Matt had expected when the new parish priest of St Anthony’s arrived.

The cough of the priest, prompted Matt and he stuttered “Ummm…Were they about James?”
”Yes,” Matt’s voice was barely audible now, his head was bowed so low and his whisper was so soft the priest had to strain to catch his reply. “Ok, so, tell me what happened…” Matt’s brows furrowed in concentration as began to relay the edited version of what had happened while the real thing flashed through his mind…

…James shifted uncomfortably on the sofa and he whined “Mattie, we need a new settee, this one is digging into my arse.”
”I’ll dig something else in there if you don’t shut up and let me watch Spooks,” Matt replied lazily, loping an arm around James’ shoulders and bringing him flush against his body. James was topless, having spilled his drink all down his t-shirt and he shifted against the scratchy material of Matt’s shirt, whining again “Mattie….”
”Oh hush sunshine, please?!” Matt pulled James onto his lap, softly nuzzling his neck and taking hold of his earlobe with his teeth, his eyes flicking to watch the TV programme.
Sighing, James settled back into Matt, arching his neck slightly and letting out soft croons of contentment as Matt idly sucked on his earlobe and his neck, his large thumbs gently caressing James’ stomach in order to pacify him.
A loud explosion from the TV made James jump and he shifted backwards before coming crashing down onto Matt’s crotch. Matt’s eyes bugged and he bit his lip to stifle his moan as James shuffled about again, pressing himself tight against Matt’s jeans. Soon the TV was the last thing on Matt’s mind as he imagined pushing James down onto the floor, pulling his trousers off and putting that sassy arse of his to very, very good use. Grinning, he gently flexed his fingers on James’ hips to softly dig into the smooth flesh, gently kneading, running along his hip-bone and absently fiddling with the button to James’ trousers as his hand slid lower again…

…Another cough from Father Adam showed Matt that he had once again paused for longer than normal. Flushing slightly he glanced around, just to check there was no-one in the confessional with him, as if he half expected God to be there, shaking his almighty fist, ready to castrate Matt for besmirching his church with his dirty thoughts.
More than dirty thoughts maybe, looking down, Matt blushed and put a hand over his crotch, willing his erection to go the hell away. Getting a hard-on in a church was something only perverts did, eek Matt thought, am I a pervert?!
He was sure that the old lady who seemed to be glued to the pew and who always looked disapprovingly at Matt and James, as if to say, “I know what you’re doing you, dirty, dirty boys,” would agree that he was a disgusting young man who needed a good caning. But he was also pretty sure that, even if James did see fit to agree that he was a pervert, he would add something along the lines of Matt being a very good pervert with a very big penis.
“Umm, Mathew?” the priest’s voice cut into his thoughts again as he said, encouragingly, “…is that it?”
”Well, ummm….no, not exactly…” Matt tried to think about how he was going to put this without scarring the priest for life with information Matt didn’t particularly want him to know…

…James gasped as he felt Matt’s fingers brush against his boxer-shorts and he wriggled a little harder, the innocent shuffling had pretty soon turned into definite grinding and the horny wench that was James Bourne seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the attention Matt was giving him. He hated coming second in his boyfriend’s life to a TV programme, and at this, a TV programme where no-one was half as cute as himself. He knew this because Matt had told him so.

The doorbell interrupted them, just as Matt’s fingers reached the elastic of James’ waistband and James whined petulantly before promptly ignoring it and grinding harder to let Matt know he planned on doing so. Matt sighed, softly planting a fierce kiss on James’ neck, feeling the soft rhythmic pulse of James’ blood against his lips and he sighed softly. James’ life-force seemed to flow down his throat and into his heart, making it race with desire for his boyfriend.
The second ring of the doorbell, interrupted Matt from making out with James’ neck and the third and fourth rings produced louder growls from James before he jumped up frustrated, ready to tell whoever it was to sod off and leave them to fuck in peace.
“Shhhhhh,” Matt gently took hold of James’ hand, roughly unbuttoning his shirt and he watched, feeling pleased, as James’ eyes sparkled with lust and slid hungrily down over Matt’s chest and below his waistband, the sparkle fading a little with disappointment as if he expected Matt’s trousers and boxers to evaporate on command. “Bedroom?” Matt enquired sweetly, turning the TV up louder to disguise the fifth ring of the doorbell, allowing James to tighten his grip on his hand and drag him up the stairs.

Kicking the door open, James promptly tripped over air in his haste to get Matt on that bed, begging for more and he grinned as he heard Matt kick the door shut stubbornly to the sixth ring of the doorbell.
They collapsed on the bed in a tangle of limbs and lips. Matt’s gently crashed down on James’, pressing tight against them and he heard James sigh into his mouth as they landed on the bed. Matt gently drew away and looked down at the James who lay beneath him. The black streak in his hair was now in turn streaked with purple, a homage to one of Matt’s most recent haircuts and it joined the rest of the blonde hair which lay mused on his head, flying all over the place in a very attractive way. Sticking up from where Matt had run his fingers through it, gently combing through the silky locks which smelled inexplicably of vanilla, no matter what shampoo James used.

Traveling down his face, the freckles which lay sprawled lazily across his ‘kissable’ nose seemed to join in the ebullient blue eyes in staring back at him. The blue orbs traveling to his eyes, looking deep into Matt’s very soul before they moved across his face and joined his hands in traveling softly down Matt’s chest, pausing to stroke the darker skin of Matt’s nipples. The cherry red lips, swollen slightly and moist from the kiss parted as James let out a hiss of satisfaction, feeling Matt’s skin under his fingertips and Matt’s eyes continued downwards. James’ Adam apple was softly bobbing up and down as he swallowed, licking his lips and Matt’s eyes softly traveled over the tiny red marks, left from where Matt had led his assault on his neck before running hungrily over the smooth skin of James’ neck, happily anticipating the taste of James’ skin. The taste of innocence and corruption, the taste of lust and the taste of love. The taste that would always be James, Matt’s favourite thing in the whole world. Moving past the collar-bone which jutted softly out, James’ chest was much the same as it had been when he was 20. Smooth and hairless, Matt watched it rise and fall soothingly beneath him before he softly lent down to taste the nipples, loving the moan he evoked and pulling back up again teasingly. The muscles on James’ chest were much more subtly prominent than they had been after James went on a gym kick, just after he had got together with Matt. This was before he realised Matt would still fuck him if he weighed 26stone and happily gave up.
The soft trail of hair which led down from his belly-button was still there, rubbing against Matt’s stomach as he pushed against James, wanting desperately to be enveloped inside James, and not being able to get close enough. Finally, James’ crowning glory. Though it was hidden by his boxers, Matt knew that James’ erection would be waiting to be touched as it nestled safely between James’ thighs, muscled from all the years of jumping around on stage. The hairy legs were obviously still there and Matt loved the way they felt against his own, the two sets of hair gently mingling with each other as their legs tangled together, never wanting to part.

Sighing softly with James’ beauty, Matt leant down and reclaimed his lips for himself, smoothly sliding his tongue along them and gently probing at the tiny gap. James readily opened his lips and arched his back into Matt, softly pawing at him, silently begging for more as he traced the shape of his spine.
Softly wrapping his tongue around James’ Matt, softly placed his hands firmly on James’ waist, holding him in place on the bed before he moved to gently suck on his bottom lip, gently raking his teeth across it, pausing as he felt blood gently spring to the surface, making the lip throb and he sucked enthusiastically, softly teasing the pulse with his tongue and his teeth, causing a groan to be emitted from James, which caught in his throat as Matt ferociously wrapped his warm fingers around his erection.
The guttural moan James emitted made Matt grin and he released his bottom lip, smiling down at the swollen lip, gently palpitating due to the extra blood circulation. His grin widening, Matt’s eyes slid below James’ waist and he slowly began to tug James’ boxers down.
”Ma…aaaatt….” James’ moan was punctuated by a gasp for breath as he scrabbled once more at Matt, causing Matt to reluctantly tear his eyes away from examining James’ erection, thinking of the wonderful things he could do with it. Looking deep into his boyfriend’s eyes Matt examined him and was about to resume his removal of the offending boxers when James sat up and before he knew what the hell was going on, James had pinned him to the bed.
“Wha…” Matt’s protest was cut off by James’ lips on his as he groped for Matt’s wrists. Sitting back up, James triumphantly held both of Matt’s wrists together but suddenly his grin widened and he got up off Matt, who whined softly at the loss of contact. “I’m not going anywhere,” James sweetly reassured Matt, gently kissing his cheek as he made his way over to the wardrobe. “Jimmy, if you get dressed again now I think my penis will explode!” Matt warned, sitting up on the bed and making to go across the room after James. “Stay!” James warned and the dominance in his voice, almost kinky, made Matt obediently settle back on the bed, stunned at the control James seemed to have over him.
Five minutes of rustling and, in the case of James’ arse, bobbing up and down, teasing Matt to the point where he almost went up and attempted to shag James with his clothes on, James returned from the wardrobe, holding something behind his back.

Once again, Matt’s protests were cut short as James leapt onto him, silencing him with a passionate kiss, whimpering softly in pressure as he wriggled on Matt’s erection, causing Matt to buck his hips in anticipation. “Patience…” James purred sexily into Matt’s ear, gently licking inside it, his unsteady breathing making Matt purr softly and arch his neck further into James, begging silently to be fucked as he felt James gently take his hand.
Before he knew what the hell had been going on, he felt both of his wrists being tugged upwards and as he tried to take them down again, they wouldn’t budge. Craning his neck to look upwards he gasped and wriggled a little more. James had taken his favourite pink tie and had tied his hands to the metal bed-post. “James, that’s my favourite tie!!” his voice came out as a whine but James merely grinned, moving to kneel beside Matt, tossing his hair out of his face and he said “I know! Now when you wear it you’ll have extra special memories of me fucking you into the mattress!!” and with that he pulled Matt’s boxers off him, hoped off the bed and was gone from the room…

….Matt was brought back from his dreaming to reality by his own deep breathing, the memory was so vivid it was almost like being there, being ravished by James. Realising how dodgy this must sound to Father Adam he bit his lip and looked up through the meshed opening and he coughed mumbling, “Sorry….I think I’ve got a cold coming, my nose is all blocked up….I’m snoring like anything at the minute James says!”
’Oh well done. Cock.’ His brain chastised him ‘just remind him that you share a bed with a man just after you’ve been telling him about having sex with him. Idiot.’ And it was then, that with some horror, Matt become conscious of the fact that he could not remember anything he had told Father Adam. Deciding that he’d come this far, Matt took another deep breath and soldiered bravely on…

…James must have been gone for at least five minutes and Matt was beginning to wonder where he was and starting to struggle viciously against the knot James had tied. But it seemed that James could tie a pretty damn good knot when he wanted to.
Finally, Matt heard footsteps coming up the stairs and James was suddenly silhouetted in the doorway. “James,” Matt breathed and James grinned, cocking his head to the side slightly as he sauntered back over to the bed, settling down on Matt’s erection once more, wiggling for good measure and softly letting out a mew of pleasure which perfectly harmonized with Matt’s groan.

Suddenly spotting the bowl James had brought back into the bedroom with him, Matt raised an eyebrow at it, causing James to giggle. Dipping a finger into the bowl he drew it out and he held it to Matt’s lips, gently smearing some across them before leaning in to taste his work, his tongue licking deep inside Matt’s mouth so that Matt too could taste it. Matt had to stop his eyes bugging slightly. It was fucking chocolate mousse mixed with squirty cream. James was either planning on making some kind of dessert during sex or he had a plan which involved a tied up Matt and Matt secretly hoped it was the latter. Producing the actual can of cream James grinned and picking it up, he shook it vigorously, bouncing himself on Matt’s erection before squirting a small blob into Matt’s belly button.
Matt gasped softly as the cold hit him and James grinned, eagerly placing the can on the side and picking up the bowl. Frowning slightly as he concentrated, tipping his head a little to the side, James suddenly grinned and he tipped the entire bowl upside down, watching gleefully as it rushed down, covering Matt’s chest before he leant down and began to savage Matt’s chest with his tongue.

Whimpering, Matt knew he was lost, there was nothing he could do except cling onto his sanity and hope that he didn’t fall into heaven or hell right now. Digging his knees gently into the skin just behind James’ shoulders Matt let out a shallow cry as he felt James’ hand eagerly caress him, his tongue softly smearing a sticky trail in the cream, mousse combination as Matt clung onto James for dear sanity.
Sitting back up again, James grinned and he climbed off Matt once more, making Matt whine and wriggle as he panted “Hell James!!”
”Shush pretty, I’m coming right back!” James reassured, rummaging in the dressing table and withdrawing the Polaroid camera. “James….” Matt’s voice came out shaking slightly, betraying his nerves and he looked up into James’ pools of ocean blue as he moved to the head of the bed, bent down and softly kissed his lips.

Having reassured Matt, James settled himself on Matt’s feet and brought the camera to his eyes. The flash almost blinded Matt as the photo slid smoothly out of its crack and James waved it around enthusiastically before placing it beside the can of cream onto the side and proceeding to once again, assault Matt’s chest.

Matt whimpered piteously, he wanted James so much he couldn’t feel anything but desire pumping through his arteries, as if his heart had become intoxicated, not by the cigarettes James was begging him to give up but by James himself, it was as if James was an essence, an essence which he breathed in and an essence which coursed through his veins, making him crazy.
As Matt enjoyed the offensive under James’ tongue, his hands clenching and unclenching against the material headboard, the photo became clearer, the focus sharper. Matt was sprawled on the bed, an unconscious smirk on his face as his brown eyes bore straight into the camera lens and, written in the cream were the words


James’ eyes flickered up to look at it and grinning, he wrapped his hand once more around Matt, shifting slightly as Matt’s hips arched up instinctively, desperate to sink further into James’ palm. He was unable to decide if it was better focusing on the gentle caress of James’ hand as it ran up and down his length, teasing it to its full thickness before beginning to coax Matt towards his orgasm, his guitar-worn fingers expertly working every inch of Matt, or the fierce licking and nibbling of his mouth. Deciding that maybe both was a winning combination, Matt lay back and closed his eyes, twitching and jerking occasionally under James’ ministrations, encouraging him with his desperate yelps and the breathless compliments he flung James’ way. “Oh shit James!” he felt something clench deep inside him and using all the muscles that were left in his thighs he heaved his hips up off the bed, plunging himself further into James’ hand as he saw stars.
Lying back on the bed, his chest heaving Matt panted for air as James finished cleaning his chest and he picked up the photograph, holding it out for Matt to see. Laughing, Matt raised an eyebrow and James grinned before slipping the photo into the drawer where Matt knew he kept his lubricant and the drunken sex video they had made, celebrating James’ first number one with (insert Matt’s shudder here) Tom.

After Son of Dork ground to a halt, James having made a mint, Tom decided that now was the time to once again exploit James’ song-writing talents, much to Matt’s displeasure and they had become a double act. They had been doing excellently and Matt had just been getting to acknowledge Tom’s good points when Tom did something Matt would never forgive him for. He walked in on James and Matt having sex.
Not only did he have the cheek to scream “EW” at the top of his voice, he’d preached at them both about the appropriate way to act if you were in the public spotlight, ignoring the fact that he had just been caught fucking Harry. And the very next morning he’d texted James to tell him that he couldn’t perform with him anymore, ‘knowing where he had been.’ Matt had been so angry he had very nearly sent a death-threat back and it took all of James’ pouty lips and big puppy dog eyes to soothe him and persuade him that a band without Tom wasn’t really that bad at all, before finding himself a job in writing.

But, even though Matt had Tom half to thank for that sex video, he still chuckled every-time he thought of it, an extremely drunk James, a video camera on a tripod, a tipsy Matt and an entire night to themselves.
Wriggling slightly, Matt looked expectantly at James, expecting that to be it, for James to release him and for Matt to have to traipse down the stairs to answer the doorbell, which was still ringing. But James didn’t seem to mind it, reaching over he grabbed the remote control for their sound system and started blaring out Matt’s fifth solo album, which, naturally had shot straight to number one and stayed there for over three months. Although, Matt had a sneaking suspicion that was due to James actually buying six copies for himself and two for every single person they knew. Matt would blush furiously as James handed them over excitedly, bouncing up and down and pointing out his favourite songs before retelling the story that made Matt blush bright scarlet. James had made Matt sign one of the album sleeves and he had taken the dedications page and had framed it, after putting a bit circle of tip-exed hearts around:

”And lastly James. I dedicate this album and my entire life to you. Man you’re amazing! Thanks for being the guy you are and being there every-night for me to come home to, even when it’s been going s**t you’re there with you’re mad advice! No idea what the hell I’d do without you. All my love forever, Maff xxx”

Matt was brought back to the here and now by James’ mouth gently pressing against the tip of his penis, which dutifully sprung alive. “Ahaaaaaa!” James’ eyes were sparkling with glee as he grinned “It seems you have reserves Mr. Willis you sex-monster!!” Matt rolled his eyes playfully but was forced to groan loudly as James’ lips pressed lingering kisses down his entire length before his tongue swiped the entire length of his sensitive underside. His knees once again digging into James’ shoulders Matt moaned loudly as he pushed himself into James’ accommodating mouth, relishing the hollow of James’ cheeks as he sucked happily with a loud cry.

As Matt felt James’ mouth release him he let out a sigh of part disappointment and he felt James’ weight shift slightly. James was a considerate lover, as he sat on Matt he would make sure to shift occasionally so as not to give Matt a dead-leg.
“James….I think….God James I want you!” James grinned down into Matt’s face and he said “Ok! Close your eyes….” wondering just where he would get in making love to James with his eyes closed Matt blinked, acknowledging James’ frown before he complied.

More rustling.
And more rustling.
And still more rustling.

Matt was beginning to get a bit sick of the rustling but all of a sudden, James’ stifled moan made him stiffen and say in concern, “James….what are you….Ohhhhhhh…” his sentence was cut short as he felt his erection held still before it was pushed into somewhere hot and tight. Flinging his eyes open as quickly as possible, he looked at James who was biting his lip and balancing himself on-top of Matt, grinning down at the look of surprise on Matt’s face.
Gently bending down and rubbing lips with Matt, James drew back up before softly rubbing his chest and saying “I thought you might like it more like this Mattie….”
”………..oh heck….” Matt was lost for words, at the consideration of it all, while James was sat on him and the feelings rushing through his body were so good had made him gasp for breath, desperate to draw more air into his lungs. Grinning, James once again laid a kiss on Matt’s lips as Matt clenched his thigh muscles and attempted to push himself deep into James, only to feel James rise a little bit off him away from his hips. “No Matt! This way, you get to be lazy…and I get to see your beautiful face as we make love….” This time it was Matt who initiated the gentle meeting or their lips, arching his neck towards James who obliged before settling himself, hands on Matt’s chest and beginning to gently ride Matt.

As Matt felt James sink himself lower onto him he threw his head back as far as the pillows would allow, feeling his fingers clench tighter on the headboard. One more purposeful thrust was all Matt needed and they both heard the material ripping under his grip as Matt’s forehead knotted and he called for James desperately.
Gently easing himself off Matt, James softly placed a kiss on each of Matt’s eyelids before gently stroking his stomach. Matt used every single brain-cell he thought he had left to open one eyelid and grin lazily at James, suddenly feeling so much love for him that he felt bad that James had just spent the last 30 minutes blowing his mind. He never made this much effort in sex and he felt a twinge of guilt as he looked up into James’ happy, unexpecting face.
Deciding that enough was most definitely enough, Matt used his knees to push James up his body until he was sat on his chest. Surprisingly enough, Matt could still breathe and he grinned up at James who was looking a little perplexed before Matt snaked his tongue out and pressed it against the end of his still erect penis.

Matt might not have been the active or considerate lover that James was, but he still was aware that every orgasm should be returned by another and he was also aware that as Matt had cum, James had ignored his own desires and just focused on Matt. And Matt wasn’t going to stand for it.
James’ gentle hiss of pleasure as Matt’s tongue massaged his tip made Matt grin and, using his knees he pushed James closer, taking just the very tip into his mouth, watching delightedly as James’ eyes rolled back in his head and his fingers began to shake.

All was definitely going well in Matt’s opinion; he was giving James, if the noise he was making was anything to go by, an extraordinarily good time without even having to use his hands and he was feeling better about himself as he felt James gently link his fingers through his hair. The only thing that interrupted them as James let out a loud gasp of “Maff!!” was the ever so girly scream as Tom opened the door and gaped at them.
James looked both ashamed and disappointed so Matt glared at Tom from his position under James and said around James “Mmmph Terugjnkqeduhjntkbfhujnkd.” James giggled, gently easing himself back, so that he was released from Matt’s mouth, biting back his soft mew of disappointment as Matt grinned “Sorry, shouldn’t have been talking with my mouth full….” Making Tom gag and James giggle again.

“Fuck off Tom!” Matt said cheerfully as all the colour drained out of Tom’s face and he stuttered, chins wobbling away, “What-what are you doing?!”
”You mean….you don’t know what that was?! Doesn’t Harry ever do that for you? Man you’re being used Tom!” Tom scowled before stomping out of the bedroom and down the stairs. James sighed, making to climb off Matt. “Uh-uh….where do you think you’re going?!” Matt grinned and pushed James back to him by hooking a leg around his waist, loving the harsh mewl of pleasure that was emitted from James’ lips as he took him in his mouth once more.

“MATT!” James bellowed hoarsely as he filled Matt’s mouth, making Matt grin as he swallowed. James shuddered as Matt took a playful swipe down his entire length before he climbed off Matt and undid his tie.
Not bothering to sit up, Matt pulled James to him and held him close, curling his hair around his fingers as he kissed away the sweat beading on James’ forehead from his exertion.
They were all set to drift off to sleep when Tom barked up the stairs “Are you finished yet?!”

They emerged downstairs ten minutes later, Matt firmly holding onto James’ waist as Tom paced the living-room. “How’d you get in?” Matt asked, lazily looping his arm around James’ shoulders. “You leave a spare key under the doormat? Inviting the crazed fans in are you?!”
”Oh piss off Tommy,” James reached his hand up to join his fingers with the ones looped over his shoulder as Matt pulled him in, under the crook of his arm for a kiss. Tom frowned and he said “You two! You just flaunt yourselves! I should….”
”….what?! What you going to do?!” Matt asked coolly as James buried himself into Matt, absently sucking on his bicep. “The last time you caught us having sex you left the band, what you going to do now…leave the country?” he added, a hopeful tone in his voice. James giggled but gently prodded Matt to behave, removing his mouth from Matt’s bicep he asked “How can we help Tom?”
”Well….I….just….I….well…..” Tom didn’t seem to be able to get the words out and Matt glared at him, if he had deprived him of snuggling time with James for nothing he would be most unimpressed.
Spotting something clutched in Tom’s hand, James reached forward and took hold of it and he smiled, “They’re yours and Harry’s holiday photos! Where’d you go again?”
”America,” Tom’s lip curled in a sly smile and Matt twigged, Tom had come over to show off about going on his sixteenth holiday this year but a certain glint in his eyes told Matt that there was something else. “Ohhh whatever, do you want us to look at them?” Matt said lazily, reaching out for them with a yawn. Tom seemed startled by Matt’s offer at feigned politeness and he paused saying “Ummmm….”
”Or did you want to just come and rub our noses in all the holidays you go on? Well, Fat Tom, let me tell you something you go on all the holidays you like, you’ll still never have as much fun as I do with James and you’ll never have a better guy than him because there’s not one….James is the best! Now fuck off back to Harry.” Tom snarled before dropping something out from his pocket. Bending down to pick it up, Matt choked on his intake of air before his body began to shake with laughter. “What is it?” James asked taking the photo from Matt as Tom made to snatch it away. “Oh! Oh well….Oh!” James giggled and handed the photo of a half naked Danny, Dougie and Harry gyrating around on top of what looked like a piano. James smiled to himself; he had taken that picture when McFly had been on their tour and he had laughed himself to sleep for a week until Matt had confiscated the picture, worrying that it was corrupting his boyfriend. “I didn’t know you gave the photo to Tom!” he smiled, hanging off Matt’s arm gently and looking up into his eyes. “Well,” Matt bent and gently brushed his lips against James’, causing James to moan slightly as he pulled away. “I thought if I gave it to Tom, it would give him something to perv over other than you and y’know….him and Harry weren’t fucking at the time so it gave him something to….keep him busy…” Matt was shaking with laughter by this point.

Tom gaped but he left, snatching the photo back from James as James giggled as the door slammed but said “Maaaatt….that was a bit rude!” But Matt simply grinned at James and took him by the hand; leading him upstairs and pulling his clothes off at the same time so they could resume their after-sex snuggle…

…”Mathew? Mathew?!” Matt was shaken awake and he woke up, blearily to see Father Adam staring at him, looking as if he worried for Matt’s sanity. Matt was so ashamed, he couldn’t believe he had fallen asleep in the middle of confession; he was definitely going to hell now. “OhGod I’m so….shit I mean….oh Christ I….err….ummm….sorry?” Matt offered while the priest chuckled and smiled, “its fine, you were just telling me how you bought your boyfriend a goldfish and I told you I didn’t think it was a crime punishable by eternal damnation and you went quiet, so I thought I’d come and see if you were Ok….” Matt flushed a little, a goldfish?! He needed to check his autopilot settings more often, he was sure he had bought James a goldfish just the other month. “Don’t worry about it….shall we go on?” Matt nodded, bashfully and waited until he heard Father Adam slide into the chair once more and he entailed a full list of what he wanted absolving.

As he stepped out of the confessional, he was just about to head out of the doors when Father Adam gently took Matt’s arm and led him into a side-room where the choir kept their hymn books. “Being gay doesn’t make you a bad person Matt,” he gently whispered, holding Matt’s elbow, “Not in my book anyway, God would want you to be happy but nevertheless I’m sure he’ll forgive the odd misdemeanor!” and he grinned, his eyes twinkling as he clapped Matt on the shoulder and left, smiling. Matt gaped and he released his crucifix from his hand and tucked it back into his shirt, smiling at the visions of the Holy Mother and her son that were painted on the stained glass windows as his mobile went off. The old woman threw him a disgusted look as if he had just released wind and he all but ran out of the church, only pausing to cross himself with the holy water and kiss his crucifix.
Taking his phone out of his pocket he opened the message from James to see a copy of the photo smirking back up at him and, grinning, he tucked his phone away and made for home to sin again.
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