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The Boyband Fiction Competition

The Boyband Fiction Competition
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Hey, welcome to TBFC.

Basic Information:
This community is all Fiction based on Boybands. Bands currently included are:
Son of Dork
[If you want a different band in it, then feel free to drop me message and I will add it up if I think it's a good/popular choice]

It can hetro-fic, slash, or non-romance, it's entirely up to you. Each week there will be a different scenario/lyric/picture/quote in which you have to base your fiction on. For example, if say the picture was this one, you'd write a story of the boys in a laundrette, and somehow James manages to get himself into a washing machine... hum!!

At the end of the week a new competition will be announced and a topic will be set up to vote for the winner of the previous one.

[x]Please put fiction under LJ-cut. It saves everyones Friends-List. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, look here.

[x]Also, give a little summary outside of the LJ-cut, for example (using this picture again):
Author: Jin [Real name or nickname rather than LJ name, just so we know, and can memory it with a real name.]
Title: The first wash Jimmy's had in months...
Type of fic: Slash/Hetro/None romance
Rating: PG/12/15/18/U/PG-13/R/NC-17
Author's Notes: *Anything you need to mention about the fic*

[x]Comment on other peoples fiction, it just makes the community more fun, constructive critism is welcome too, but be nice about it, don't say "this sucks!" just say something like "I like the idea, but you need to work on puncuation, it was a little hard to read." Yeah?

[x]Don't make it a novel, just short fiction please, We'll be kind and say no more than 10 pages in word, with a font size of 10. That's fair, isn't it?

[x]We will allow you to post more than one fiction for each theme, but don't go made. I'd say no more than 3, because then you're just taking the michael.

[x]Also, I don't mind if you break the fiction up, for example posting a part one on Monday, part two Wednesday, part three Saturday. As long as it's all up before the Sunday. Post it up in no more than four parts. But if you have it all written you might as well keep it down to one.

[x]You can write jointly, or on your own it's completely up to you.

[x]Have fun. Yes that's a rule, if you don't we'll shoot you.

<3 Jin and Jewlie xx

Link to TBFC, check out this entry for pics to use

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